About me

I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer.
Like to put my imagination, curiosity, and experience into my work, I especially love colors and patterns which I keep experimenting with.
Strive to achieve inspiration and forge long-lasting relationships between brands and clients with creative solutions.
Currently, I specialize in print design. I have been working as a content creator in various styles amongst other creative jobs.

Know me more..

About me as foreigner parent living in Denmark

If you are interested in my journey as an artist you are welcome to listen to this podcast:

About me as an artist.

If you want to know me more and have time then listen to this podcast about me, living with my family in Denmark.

Interview with Pedagogy4Change about Design

Article about my design and how I describe my way to the final product. 

Pedagogical Principles – an artistic expression

Getting inspired

Illustration process from sketch til digital art



used in the illustration