Lindersvold is an international learning center that facilitates courses in community development and certification in non-traditional pedagogy. Center provides an opportunity to learn about the big issues of our time while preparing to assist community-driven projects in Zambia, Malawi or Mozambique. Hands-on training with theoretical knowledge, alongside community living, gives students the best foundation for working with sustainable development and vulnerable youth.


Church in Næstved, Denmark. In Sjølund Church there is a service every Sunday at. 10.30-12.00, where all generations meet. The children participate in the first part of the service before going to a children’s church, which is for 6-12 year olds (younger children are also welcome along with an adult).

Church in Faxe, Denmark.  From the outside, it may not look like a church, but we gather around God’s Word, the Bible, and focus on Jesus as our savior and friend. Community is a key factor in the church. A sanctuary where you can meet, encourage and support one another, share God’s word and pray for and with each other.